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Hola, I'm Claudio

  • I'm from Matamoros. A city in northeastern Mexico right on the border just south of Brownsville, Texas. See in Google Maps

  • I live in Brooklyn and have lived in New York for the last 6 years.

  • I work at Opus Training as a software designer and engineer building software that helps restaurants create and deliver on-the-job training. See Opus website

  • I studied Business, Math, and Humanities at Baylor University. I joined college wanting to be a neurosurgeon and I left wanting to be an animator and graphic designer. See in Google Maps

  • I love to learn. Especially about the laws of human behavior. I also love reading fiction and learning about history. I publicly collect links to publications, quotes, and my thoughts about the things I'm learning in my digital library. See digital library

  • If you'd like to get in touch you can send me an email at